Heart on Main Street Rolls Out Disaster Relief Jumpstart Program for Indie Retailers

Thousands of retail stores across the industry lie in the path of hurricanes and flood zones. According to data from Four Twenty Seven, retailers have some 1,900 facilities exposed to hurricanes and typhoons, another 6,770 exposed to rises in sea level, and more than 17,000 exposed to floods.

Natural disasters can hurt many storefronts, especially the smaller retailers who do not have enough funds to recover. Heart on Main Street is aiming to change this through its Disaster Relief Jumpstart Program.

A Crucial Step Towards Retailers’ Recovery

Heart on Main Street, a non-profit organization supporting independent retailers, developed the Disaster Relief Jumpstart Program in partnership with a group of dedicated vendors. The goal is to provide essential support and resources to smaller retailers in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The Disaster Relief Jumpstart Program represents a powerful collaboration between Heart on Main Street and vendors who share a deep commitment to the success and revival of independent retailers. Recognizing the importance of empowering these retailers to rebuild their businesses, vendors are generously providing coupon codes as a donation to Heart on Main Street.

“We are thrilled to launch the Disaster Relief Jumpstart Program, as it represents a crucial step towards independent retailers’ recovery and long-term success,” said Patrick Keiser, Executive Director of Heart on Main Street, said in a press release sent to Specialty Retailer. “By joining forces with dedicated vendors, we can significantly impact rebuilding communities and supporting the entrepreneurs who are the
backbone of our local economies.”

Decreasing the Financial Burden of Reopening

After a natural disaster, Heart on Main Street will identify affected retailers and work with participating vendors to provide the retailer with free and discounted products when they reopen. This helps jumpstart their business and decreases the financial burden that retailers experience to open their doors after a natural disaster.

Through this thoughtful initiative, vendors are leveraging their resources to ensure that independent retailers have access to the vital supplies they need to resume operations, re-engage with their communities, and pave the way for a brighter future after facing adversity. The coupon code donations showcase the compassion and solidarity of vendors, fostering a collective effort to uplift and restore the resilience of independent retailers in their time of need.

Supporting vendors include Mud Pie, tag, Steiff, Creative Brands, Primitives by Kathy, Elsie & Zoey, Jane Marie, Fresh Scents, Bridgewater Candle Company, Greenleaf, Notes, and Votivo.