Long Table Celebrates National Pancake Day with New Product Design

On National Pancake Day, Long Table unveiled a new design for its 100% heirloom grain pancake and waffle mix. True to its mission to put better pancakes on the table today for a healthier world tomorrow, the new packaging reflects the evolution of the growing food company and serves as a canvas to convey the values behind the brand. 

“It’s not every day you pick up a food product that began as a love letter to an acrobat,” said Founder Samuel Taylor in a press release. “But that’s Long Table – we have a love story about an acrobat, stories about farmers leaving the land better than they found it, stories about the unique flavors of heirloom grains, and stories about our bonkers invention, popcorn flour. We needed packaging that could speak to all of these. It’s our joy to share these stories with our customers in the grocery aisle and on their tables.” 

Pancakes Powered by Love

Taylor founded Long Table in Chicago more than a decade ago as a farmer’s market stand. In an effort to impress an acrobat with a meal that was nutrient-dense enough to power her performance, light enough to let her fly and delicious enough to invite her over, Taylor invented Long Table’s best-selling popcorn flour pancakes, which are still the first and only retail product made with popcorn flour in the U.S. His effort wasn’t for naught – today Taylor and the acrobat, Lindsay, are married. They even served pancakes at their wedding.

The new packaging features whimsical hand-drawn illustrations in distinct colors to showcase each of Long Table’s three wildly delicious varieties: popcorn, blue corn, and gluten-free. Elements and icons unique to the brand’s story and values are woven into each illustration. Consumers can also find an acrobat on the new popcorn packaging as well as a farmer on a tractor, paying homage to the founder on the new gluten-free packaging. The Long Table love story is now featured on the back of each bag. 

Long Table partnered with fellow Chicago business Seedhouse to bring its vision for the new packaging to life.