Happy Halloween! Dogs Are Participating in This Year’s Fall Festivities

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), a record number of people will be participating in Halloween-related activities this year. Pet parents in particular will spend an estimated $700 million on Halloween costumes for their furry friends. 

This shows that consumers are increasingly including their pets in seasonal plans. Honest Paws recently surveyed 500 U.S. dog owners about their plans to include their pets in fall activities, especially when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

Tagging Along for Fall Plans

Honest Paws’ survey found that half of all dog owners are bringing their dog along for a fall camping/hiking trip this year, while 35% are including their canine companion on a trip to see fall foliage in particular. Another 48% of pet parents plan to bring their dog along for trick-or-treating this year, and 28% will be bringing their dog to a good ol’ fashioned costume contest. 

About a third of dog owners also plan to include their dog on a trip to a fall festival (30%) or a pumpkin patch (31%) this year, and 1-in-5 dog owners (20%) will be letting their pet join in on the fun for some apple picking.

Halloween Pet Costume Costs

The Honest Paws survey also notes that 80% of dog owners will be dressing up their dog for fall activities this year. The majority (36%) anticipate spending $25-$49 on their dog’s costume, with another 18% planning on spending over $50. A third of survey respondents (33%) also admit that they spend more money on their dog’s costume than their own. 

The majority of dog owners (41%) plan to purchase (or have already purchased) their dog’s costume online through Amazon, with 69% citing a larger variety of options as the main reason for purchasing online. The availability of more cost-effective options (48%) and the ability to find unique/creative options (41%) are the reasons that come in at second and third. 

For another 40% of dog owners, however, purchasing the costume in-person either at a big box store or a pet supply store is the option of choice. Among these respondents, nearly a third (30%) say the ability to have their dog try the costume on before purchase is the main reason for shopping on-site. 

The most popular pet costumes, according to the NRF, include a pumpkin (11%), a hot dog (7%), a bat (4%), a bumblebee (3%) and a spider (3%). 

When asked what inspires them to dress their dog up for fall activities, Honest Paws survey found that the majority of dog owners (75%) say they do it simply for the joy it brings them. An additional 57% say they like to make people smile and/or laugh, and 43% say they enjoy posting pictures/videos of their dog in costume on social media.