How Consumers Are Shopping for the 2024 Super Bowl

super bowl

With over $16 billion spent on Super Bowl purchases in 2023, retailers have a major opportunity to revamp their strategies in-store and capture consumer spend leading up to the big game. 

To help brands get an idea of what shoppers are looking for, Vibenomics recently surveyed over 1,000 primary household consumers about their Super Bowl shopping plans and preferences for this year.

Shopping for the Big Day

According to the survey, 51% of shoppers said they plan on purchasing items specifically for the Super Bowl. Most consumers (54%) also said they are planning on shopping in store for these products, compared to just 30% who plan on doing a combination of in store and online shopping. 

The numbers speak for themselves. Brick-and-mortar locations should already be rearranging their shelves and placing signage around the store to let customers know they can rely on you for their Super Bowl needs. 

Here are the products that shoppers will be specifically looking to purchase:

  • Chips, crackers, pretzels – 92%
  • Packaged meat (burgers, hot dogs, chicken) – 70%
  • Bread (hamburger and hot dog buns) – 67%
  • Alcoholic beverages – 64%
  • Desserts – 58%
  • Condiments and toppings – 53%
  • Fruits – 53%
  • Salads (potato salad, pasta salad, mixed greens) – 48%
  • Vegetables – 45%
  • No alcohol beverages – 43%
  • Disposable tableware – 43%

Major Super Bowl Purchase Influences

Survey results noted that a brand’s reputation was one of the top factors that influence a customer’s purchase. Even compared to a lower priced item, shoppers will still go with a brand they trust. This proves just how much your brand reputation matters when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

Aside from brand reputation, when it comes to marketing specific merchandise, the survey found that 67% of shoppers are most likely to be influenced to purchase a specific brand through in-store promotions. A sale or coupon is another great influencer (58%), followed by a recommendation (51%) or social media ad (36%).

How Retailers Can Get Ready for the Super Bowl

As you prepare your brick-and-mortar store or website for football fans, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Promote Your Brand on Social Media. Whether you are planning any sales or just promoting certain products, it’s always important to let your customers know on all the platforms. This is an especially great way to influence loyal shoppers to purchase from you instead of the big box retailers.
  • Create In-Store or Online Ads. Even if you already posted your products and sales on social media, hanging up in-store signage or creating banners for your website can greatly help new customers stopping by for the first time to see everything you have to offer. Make it fun, let the colors pop and get creative.
  • Send Out E-blasts . Another great marketing technique is to send out e-blasts to all of your customers letting them know of any special deals or products you’re offering. This could be the push they need to shop from your brand if they know you’ll have the products they need.