What Shopping Centers Need to Evolve

shopping centers

When you think of retail, one of the first things that come to mind is shopping centers. After having been the heart and soul of the retail industry for over half a century, generations use them to find retailers offering the latest deals, trends and commodities. Many larger centers have transitioned to offer cinemas, play centers and more to drive traffic.

Despite all this, shopping center attendance has been down in recent years, with more shoppers opting to buy online. However, retail sales grew in April, which poses a positive sign for the future of shopping centers.

To keep retail sales thriving, in this article, we will explore what shopping centers have done to evolve and what they need to continue to do to bring in more profits.

Food Focused

When it comes to shopping centers, food is the new fashion. Providing additional food options is sure to bring in more customers since it gives them a reason to visit. Many locations have incorporated food courts, with Oldham’s Spindles Shopping Center being one of the latest to begin renovations to include one.

Food courts aren’t the only food option that piques the interest of consumers. Having supermarkets and market stalls inside a shopping center will also bring in more shoppers, as it creates a hub where they can purchase all their essential groceries.

New Experiences at Shopping Centers

New concepts, experimental retail and co-working spaces are all things that shopping centers have begun to include to drive in more crowds. Activities such as axe throwing and gaming arenas are examples of some new concepts that have been incorporated, with the idea behind it being to offer customers something that they have never experienced before.

For example, Victoria Leeds has Boom Battle Bar that includes augmented reality darts, beer pong and more. This has increased the number of consumers that have gone to the shopping center.

Health and Wellness

Staying healthy and physically active has been top of mind for many consumers, so it’s no surprise that they are seeking a place that has elements of this readily available. Due to this interest, many shopping centers have incorporated walk-in medical clinics, gyms and fitness equipment stores. This can help bring in a new demographic of consumers who are looking for these types of amenities.

By utilizing some of these features in your shopping center, it can not only help to keep the retailers inside thriving, but it can also help to bring in a slew of new shoppers.