Quivers Adds Lightspeed Retail X-Series Plugin for Specialty Retailers


Quivers, a commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers, has announced the addition of the Quivers Plugin for Lightspeed Retail X-Series – a platform update designed to provide retailers with access to a new sales channel via Quivers and automatically syncs those orders to the retailer’s Lightspeed POS.

Combining the Lightspeed POS system with Quivers’ collaborative commerce suite allows retailers to easily receive and fulfill Quivers orders from partnering brands, without making significant changes to operations, states the company. Retailers using Lightspeed POS will be able to process orders received from Quivers directly in the Lightspeed POS interface, just like they process their other in-store and web orders.

Quivers-Lightspeed Plugin features automated inventory management and real-time order syncing, which help streamline commerce operations and allows retailers to spend less time managing orders and more time selling on the floor.

“With Quivers-Lightspeed Plugin, we’ve drawn upon our ethos of collaboration to make specialty retailers’ operations more productive and profitable,” says Ruben Martin, CEO of Quivers. “We’ve added another part to our extensive and adaptable DTC (direct-to-consumer) toolkit, making Quivers a necessity for specialty brands and retailers looking to boost profits and ROI while creating an amazing consumer experience.”

Quivers-Lightspeed Plugin enables retailers to:

  • Access new online orders from specialty brand partners;
  • Streamline processes with instant order syncing to Lightspeed POS;
  • Track sales and shipments more efficiently, allowing retailers to avoid jumping between platforms and gain more time to focus on making sales;
  • Simplify operations by processing all orders, regardless of channel, in one common interface (Lightspeed POS); and
  • Keep track of inventory with real-time data that stays accurate, regardless of where an order is placed.