Snap Introduces AR Enterprise Services

Augmented-reality tech company Snap, which boasts 250 daily users of its AR technology, has introduced AR Enterprise Services (ARES), a way for merchants to integrate Snap’s AR tech suite into their own apps, websites and physical locations.

Snap’s first offering for ARES is Shopping Suite, which provides 3D Viewer, AR Try-On, Fit Finder and more – directly on merchants’ own apps and websites. Shopping Suite currently includes AR shopping for fashion, apparel and accessories. The suite includes:

  • Dedicated services and support: Businesses can leverage dedicated services for AR asset creation and robust technical implementation support. The Shopping Suite’s AR asset creation services help businesses create digital versions of their apparel, footwear and eyewear products using proprietary photogrammetry hardware and machine learning creation pipelines to deliver high fidelity assets optimized for end user performance.
  • Enterprise tools to manage assets and integrations: Businesses can manage and optimize AR assets and integrations, measure performance analytics and receive dedicated Shopping Suite support.
  • Experience delivery: Businesses can integrate Snap’s AR Try-On, Fit Finder and interactive 3D Viewer technology into their own apps and websites, offering shoppers the ability to receive accurate fit and sizing recommendations, try-on or view products in augmented reality, and interact with products in 3D.

Snap states: “We believe that AR – digital content overlaid on the real world – represents a profound technological paradigm shift that is going to significantly impact businesses across nearly every industry, and that companies and brands that adopt a winning AR strategy will enjoy a meaningful competitive advantage in the coming years. We look forward to bringing more customers closer to AR to transform their business and making the shopping journey more engaging for consumers around the world with AR Enterprise Services.”