ClearBags Expands Slimline Packaging Options, Adds New Holographic Bag


Tennessee-based ClearBags has expanded its packaging options for slimline cards and has also added to its holographic bag collection.

Archival safe and acid- and lignin-free, Crystal Clear Bags with a Flap protect slimline cards from dust and fingerprints, making them ideal for retail environments, markets, boutiques and more. The Crystal Clear bags are made in multiple sizes for mini, large or traditional slimline card sizes; the bags are meant to fit one set of a card and envelope. These food-safe bags come with a resealable adhesive strip on the flap of the bag that can be folded past the opening of the bag.

Crystal Clear Card Jackets, designed for slimline cards, are acid- and lignin-free, food safe and archival quality. These card jackets wrap around the slimline card while still allowing it to be opened and read. These 1.6-mil BOPP card jackets are ideal for markets, retail, boutiques or simply displaying cards and messages. Available in packs of 100.

ClearBags also has a new addition to its holographic bag line: Holographic Child-Resistant Pouch Bags. Made to hold cannabis items, medication, cleaning supplies and more for retail settings, markets, or personal use. The food-safe, heat-sealable bags come with a lab-approved ASTM/CPSC compliant zipper that require two-hand dexterity to operate. Instructions are pre-printed on the inside flap for customer convenience.