NFIB Presents Free Webinar, ‘Wage and Hour Law Essentials for Small Business’


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is presenting its free webinar “Wage and Hour Law Essentials for Small Business” on Wednesday, May 3, at noon Eastern time.

Scott Horton of Horton Law PLLC will provide answers to frequently asked questions about an especially challenging area of law for small businesses: wage and hour laws. Classifying employees correctly and paying them the right way can be complicated – mistakes, even unintentional, can be very costly for employers.

In this webinar, Horton will discuss:

  • Basics of exempt versus non-exempt classification
  • Calculating overtime and travel time correctly
  • Minimum wage and state updates
  • Recordkeeping
Scott Horton

Scott Horton is a New York-based management lawyer, with more than a decade of experience advising nearly 400 employers. In addition to litigation experience, Scott also represents employers in arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings, and governmental investigations involving employee matters. You can learn more about Scott’s approach through his book, New York Management Law: The Practical Guide to Employment Law for Business Owners and Managers. He is also a frequent speaker on a wide range of labor and employment law issues.

Following the presentation, Horton will answer the webinar attendee’s tax questions live. Questions can be submitted ahead of time when registering.

Also on hand for the webinar: Elizabeth Milito, executive director, Small Business Legal Center, with the National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center; and Holly Wade, executive director, NFIB Research Center.

Register here for the webinar “Wage and Hour Law Essentials for Small Business.”

An on-demand version of the webinar is also available once registered.