Quality Bicycle Products Updates Dealer’s Choice Program for Retailers


For 2023, Quality Bicycle Products has updated its Dealer’s Choice partnership program to help retailers boost their bottom line in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

The Bloomington, Minnesota-based distributor of bicycle products added six new brands to Dealer’s Choice, bringing the total to 51 brands in the program for U.S. retailers and 33 for Canada. Retailers benefit from flexibility in choosing their level of involvement, low buy-ins, brand discounts that range from 2 to 5 percent, and other benefits.

As Quality Bicycle Product’s flagship strategy to unite leading brands with retailers, the Dealer’s Choice program rewards bike shops with incentives that support their business and overall industry health, the company reports. In addition to offering increased margins on popular brands across all categories, the program also supports retailers by partnering with brands that independently enforce minimum advertised price (MAP), respect channel integrity, and create compelling products.

“Dealer’s Choice is the optimal strategy for retailers to improve their cashflow and increase margins on the brands their customers want,” says Bill Schouman, VP of sales. “It’s a powerful solution for shops that value flexibility and choice to grow their business.”