2022 Billboard Contest Winners Announced by Fine Art America


Fine Art America has revealed the winning images in its 2022 Billboard Contest. The 20 winning images will appear on upcoming Fine Art America billboards throughout the United States beginning this fall.

Each Fine Art America billboard will be at least 24 feet wide x 12 feet tall, and will prominently feature the winning image, the title of the image, and the artist’s name or preferred social-media handle. The billboards will be positioned in various cities throughout the United States and will remain visible for at least one month, each, during the fall and winter. All billboards will be located near major metropolitan areas – Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.

“Salvador,” by Iris Scott

Beyond billboards, the winning contest artwork might also show up in a retail location. While Fine Art America (FAA) is primarily an online art marketplace and print-on-demand selling platform, it also partners with three sister companies – Deck the Walls, The Great Frame Up and The Framing and Art Centre – to sell FAA artwork at more than 150 retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Individual store owners can stock their shelves with framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, apparel and more from FAA artists.

“Talavera,” by George Owen Wynne Apperley

The 20 Billboard Contest winners are:

• George Owen Wynne Apperley, Talavera
• Samantha Bartolic, Starfish Whales
• Fred Carrow, Rainy Night in Bar Harbor
• Sharon Cummings, Colorful Hummingbird Art
• Marina Daniluka, Landscape with Red Mountains
• Lauren Forcella, Aspen Sky
• Sandy Herrault, Over the Blues
• Junko, Freedom is Everything
• Kenneth M Kirsch, Early Evening Paddle
• Jorge Maia, Quest for the Unknown
• Jeffrey McKeever, Love on the Savannah
• Lidia Mikhaylova, Poppies/Lust for Life
• Anthony Mwangi, Labor of Love
• Jindra Noewi, Lima Bean
• Tim Phelps, Flying Fish Wave Nature Panel
• Olga Rokhmanyuk Roartus, Flowers in Striped Vase
• Amy Rubinger, NYC View from Jobro
• Iris Scott, Salvador
• Avril Thomas, Harvest Rose
• Liesl Walsh, Liquid Light

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