Zozo’s First Physical Store Will Offer Personalized Styling Services


Japan-based Zozo, which operates the fashion e-commerce ZozoTown, will open its first-ever brick-and-mortar store: niaulab by Zozo.

Niaulab, however, will not sell clothing at its new Omotesando location. Instead, it will offer its customers free, exclusive personalized styling services. The entire store space will be reserved for a single customer for approximately two hours, during which time the customer can explore his or her style and discover “clothes that look good on them.”

A few Niaulab specifics:

  • Exclusive “step into a fitting room” experience with the entire 700-item space fully reserved only for one customer with a time slot of two hours and more. “The service sequence goes from a professional stylist working on personal styling, makeup and a photoshoot by professionals … and the customer leaves the store with a photo and a little card with written styling tips. All of these exclusive services are offered free of charge.”
  • Outfit-matching by Zozo’s Niaulab AI: Niaulab AI, which constructs and learns from approximately 13 million outfits on the outfit-sharing app “Wear,” recommends three outfits for customers (recommendations are based on a customer form completed prior to visit).
  • Styling by a professional stylist: A stylist conducts a casual interview with customers to determine their ideals or concerns while referencing the niaulab AI outfit proposal. Niaulab then offers stylings made by a hybrid of niaulab AI’s technology and expertise of the stylist.

Niaulab by Zozo will make its debut on December 16th. Prior to the store opening, Zozo will start a YouTube channel, niaulab TV by ZOZO.